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“Whether big or small, your event is unique and we can tailor it to your needs”

This is what sets us apart, through the experience we have developed over time.
Since 1991 our highly qualified team has been working in the field of event and congress organization and related logistic services.

We have been constantly expanding, specializing as Wedding Planners and creating SB Ideas, our logistic branch, and Girovagare Viaggi, our travel agency.

Our unique structure makes us extremely versatile: we organize small and large-scale events, both in Italy and abroad, and provide individual services or all-inclusive packages, managing each phase of the organization independently.

We are specialized in original projects, and provide new and special locations for your events, including exclusive museums not generally open to the public.

Scaramuzzi Team was founded on synergy and has developed a complete set of event- organization skills. Our constant commitment to excellence has led us to establish a very versatile structure capable of providing efficient and practical solutions in the organization of every kind of event and in the supply of a broad range of related services.

Our fantastic customers

The figure of the wedding planner is born in the Anglo-Saxon countries, since not many years, and from not too long has arrive to Italy ….. with no difficulty is slowly becoming known and recognized as a profession.

Unfortunately we come across some commonplace ……. try to get rid of this item !!

– “Our idea is to do a simple thing , we do not need a wedding planner”

This is one of the things that we hear more often because, thanks to the TV programs that are running, it is thought that wedding planner only serves in cases of marvelous and especially expensive weddings !!!!

This is not TRUE!!

Our professional figure serves to suggest and follow the care of all the fundamental moments of marriage ………. helping you eliminate the superfluous things, focusing on the quality and harmony of the event, coordinating and caring for the direction of everything and everyone !!!!

To ensure this, we can identify the most suitable suppliers for your needs and what best fits your request ….. and only through experience you can know and locate the best suppliers …

By doing so, you can avoid to waste too much time and money!!

– “How much does a wedding planner cost me ???”

Another crucial point, the cost of a wedding planner is equal to your commitment to organizing your wedding … Its earning is given by the commissions it receives from its suppliers, so remember that the more you take advantage of your wedding planner the less cost you !!!

– “We do everything on the internet, there are fantastic sites!”

Absolutely free to do everything through the internet … but … attention … how many times we have seen spouses, that told us so, to resolve problems at the last moment…. … and then … did not arrive the confetti sorted in time , the wedding favors have come broken, the crumpled fans … etc.

Or, couples who have lost a lot of time in search of the suitable location because they are overwhelmed by incorrect descriptions.

In short, the to do it by your own seems to be always the smartest choice, but in reality it is often a bearer of totally useless stress !!!

– “We want to decide on our wedding, as the wedding planner does everything she wants!”

We often get addicted as those who want to arrange things without following the directions of the bridal couple, nothing more wrong!

Our first meetings are especially useful for getting to know the story, wishes and tastes of the spouses and based on this finding the solutions that are indicated for them. The true success of a wedding planner is getting in touch with the spouses, and often we develop friendships that last over time!

That is why we often like to call ourselves “Guardian Angels”.

And what do you expect, have you already found your Wedding Planner?

Florence is always a desirable city for congresses and does not in any way deny the expectations of the participants …. and it does not matter if you have been or not in the city before this magnificant town always gives surprises ….

Many people criticize him saying that Florence is small and that there is not much to do or that there are always the same things …. maybe a little bit this is true, but in our opinion is also very much the Florentine soul who always complains. …. without doing anything …. we think instead that is important to look the full glass  and do something for our city !!!

Organizing a congress in Florence is a giving and having reciprocal …… the congress add value to the city in scientific, cultural, tourist sense… and the city offers experiences, entertainment, inimitable places ….

Our peculiarity is to search locations where the congress, big or small, will be really unique and to make you discover unusual and unique corner of the city of the Magnificent!

Not always this aspect is simple because the institutional realities are hindering, increasingly, the various requests by imposing bureaucratic super procedures complicated that always discourage more customers to venture into these requests that are too much rigid fee (do not look and the plus of the scientific survey and the subject that makes the request, but it goes for very low elastic standard protocols).

We do not lose heart, but we continue to look for unusual places in Florence to give small pearls to our customers, adapting to their economical needs …. congresses of institutes, researchers, universities are getting more and less funds available but this does not mean that you have to give up the beautiful aspects !!

We want to understand the theme at the base of our congress, because there is certainly a corner of our city where it has to do with this sphere and therefore the link between past and future can be exalted and highlighted …. unexplored places that come reopened by giving light to real and small treasures that even the Florentines often do not know, but we are always with the drifting antennas and curious everywhere to be always up to date and find the uniqueness of the places !!!

Hello everyone! Excuse us for all this time without writing … as always, a lot of work (fortunately) has been concentrated in a short time so we had to work hard on those and leave, unfortunately, less time telling you something about us and about our work ….. this time has served us to gather experiences, adventures and events that now we will be happy to share with you!

As a first aspect we can write about how important is the theme in a wedding … every love story is characterized by a detail, a passion, something that uniquely combines the two spouses !! It’s not important whether it’s a movie, a music, a walk or a passion …. what makes this special is the fact that it’s a unique element,that only you two knows and that can turn into the real key for the originality and the uniqueness of your marriage!

It does not even matter what the guests think about the theme you choose to give …. the only thing that counts is that you talk about it and that it is important to you !! Even wedding planners find themselves in front of interests, passions, characteristics that we do not understand because they do not belong to us, but this is stimulte us to satisfy our customers in seeking that particular, that detail that will characterize the most beautiful day of their life !!

Embellishments, details of the set-up, lights, equipment, graphics, invitation gadgets and everything that is created in a wedding can be personalized and designed to continue the theme … the care of detail can only be appreciated From everyone !!

If we can understand this in our spouses we are already at 90% of our work and the most stimulating thing is just to get alone with them, understand what they want because then that day we will be alone behind the scenes and we are there to verify that everything is like they have always wanted and imagined. We will definitely have to decide or modify something at the last moment and so what is the only way to do not panic and still satisfy the brides ??

Understand exactly what they want and get in connection with them to make them HAPPY AND REALIZE THEIR DREAM!!

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The first step for the organization of your wedding is for sure the proposal….ans so how to do it?classic? original? old style? modern? what we think is the very important is the history of the couple……

In the last week all the world spoke about Fedez and Chiara Ferragni proposal…you can like or not the plain gesture, but it was definitely in line with their story and theri way of sharing it!
They are living their love on the social network and so we think it was perfect to involve their fan in this adventure, obtaining milions of comments and like!!!What can they do??…and we, since we love the harmoniousness of the proposal, we really like it!!!
If you like more private thing no problem, just remember to it in an original way and in line with your story, your passions, the secret that just the two of you know and the first big step for your wedding becomes really magic and special.
We really think that everything should represent you, because nothing is more special that emotionate the other person with something that she can only understand!!!

Scaramuzzi Team is ready to help you in the organization of the proposal….with a meeting and a little bit of your story….. we can absolutely recreate something very unique for you two in which you can be sure that you will obtain a YES!!!

A wedding planner needs to meet the taste and requests of their spouses but has also to be always updated on the new trends of the moment!!! For these we always go to buy the best magazine, look at the website and look around ourself to discovery the new trends!!!

The client is always the main reference and his tastes are fundamental, but obviously if we also know what are the news of the sector we can better give the right suggestions.

In the vocabulary there are many adjectives to describe everything, but often we use always the same words….also to definy something really different….for example? I would like to have a wedding simple and elegant….classical and modern, young and new….mmmmhhh

our role, at this point, is to understand what the spouses have in mind saying these, adapt what they think to their location, their taste, their idea of wedding and in the mean time also find some news, an element that characterize the day, that something that the other people what to copy!!!

How trends starts? Like this….someone has an idea for a wedding…..the guests like it and very quickly it starts to go around…..from person to person become a craze…..for example? in the last years the photo corner has become a must using details and funny items!!!

We are keeping updated and why not?….we try to create some new one!!!

Follow us and togheter we will comment and find the trends of 2017!!

La Pasqua si avvicina e sicuramente alcuni di noi sono concentrati ad organizzare un pranzo a casa con tutta la famiglia o gli amici….e allora come apparecchiare la tavola?che centrotavola mettere?come sedere gli invitati? Per il noi il galateo è fondamentale nel nostro lavoro e consideriamo molto importante anche utilizzarlo a casa, anche se è un pranzo in famiglia e informale, sicuramente la buona apparecchiatura, il centrotavola non invasivo rendono tutto più armonico.

Cerchiamo anche di adattare il galateo alla modernità, infatti non pensiamo di impostare un apparecchiatura da cameriere dietro le spalle, ma cerchiamo un giusto equilibrio per avere tutto funzionale e comodo e allo stesso tempo bello!

La posateria che posizioneremo sarà composta da tutto ciò che serve, salvo si sia pensato di servire un menù a tantissime portate (cosa che noi sconsigliamo vivamente perché è vero che è una bella occasione di stare insieme ma al giorno di oggi si mangia sempre più spesso fuori e quindi non c’è bisogno di preparare mille portate….è solo una gran fatica per chi cucina e non si apprezza più nulla). Cerchiamo quindi di ideare un menù equilibrato, magari anche con il contributo di tutti….la formula che ognuno porta qualcosa non è così male…..basta organizzarsi e magari sapere per tempo cosa si porta e non arrivare all’ultimo in modo di dare il tempo, al padrone di casa, di provvedere al vassoio/la presentazione giusta per esaltare il piatto preparato.

Ricordatevi le posate della frutta/dolce, quelle spesso non ci sono pensando al ristorante, invece in casa è molto importante metterle sennò poi si rischia di creare disordine alla fine del pasto…se il dolce viene portato da qualcuno e non si ha idea di quale sarà mettendo coltellino, forchetta e cucchiaio sicuramente non si sbaglia!

I piatti invece non devono eccedere….. al massimo 3!!!Questi si cambiano tranquillamente durante il pasto e una pila troppo alta renderebbe anche scomodo il mangiare! La cosa ottimale sarebbe un piatto solo, ma dato che la tovaglia non dovrebbe mai rimanere scoperta (secondo galateo ufficiale), sicuramente sarebbe un lavoro impegnativo senza il giusto servizio, quindi i due/tre piatti classici sono perfetti! (piatto piano per il secondo, scodella o secondo piatto piano per il primo ed eventualmente piatto piccolo per antipasto seduti a tavolo)

Per i bicchieri dovremmo scrivere un post solo per questi infatti ci sono diversi modi e tendenze senza considerare che se si hanno delle buone bottiglie di vino di diverso tipo e degli intenditori a tavola dovremmo sicuramente curare questo aspetto con particolare cura…forse è meglio rimandare ad un prossimo blog questo aspetto così delicato……

Il centrotavola è bello farlo con ciò che abbiamo in casa (ciotole, vasi, brocche…..) e magari ora che è primavera due fiori sicuramente danno un tocco di freschezza e vivacità….anche delle piantine aromatiche possono essere una grande idea di poco costo e molto carine! State attenti ai commensali in particolare agli allergici infatti questo periodo è terribile per questo e non vogliamo certo rovinare il pranzo a nessuno!

Se parliamo di un pranzo le candele sono inutili, mentre la sera anche una sola candela semplice contribuisce sicuramente a rendere più calda l’atmosfera! State attenti a non farlo né troppo alto e coprire la visuale delle persone né troppo grande o piccolo in modo sproporzionato rispetto al tavolo.

Ci sarebbe ancora un mondo da scrivere in merito a questo argomento, ma non vogliamo essere troppo prolissi quindi vi diamo appuntamento alla prossima volta per continuare a darvi suggerimenti!

Vogliamo raccontarvi la nostra esperienza di ieri sera….abbiamo organizzato un’asta benefica a favore di Dynamo Camp per la quale i maggiori produttori di vino d’Italia, che si riuniscono all’interno del Comitato dei Grandi Cru, hanno offerto bottiglie di annate speciali, particolari edizioni e unici esemplari che sono stati battuti all’asta da Christie’s nella location di Palazzo Giusti.

E’ stata una bella avventura durante la quale abbiamo avuto il piacere di vedere bottiglie di una bellezza incredibile che si sono aggiudicati grandi collezionisti ed estimatori del mondo del vino.

E’ stato stimolante, come tutti gli eventi, perchè abbiamo dovuto coordinare tutti i fornitori coinvolti…ognuno con le sue esigenze, difficoltà, abitudini e certo adattarsi ad una location storica con tutti i suoi pregi e difetti non è facile…..le conference call ci hanno aiutato tanto così abbiamo potuto condividere, in più appuntamenti telefonici, tutti i dubbi e perplessità di ciascuno e coordinare il tutto per ottenere il massimo risultato da tutti quanti e quindi riuscire a creare un evento che scivolasse via, armonico e senza intoppi.

Bisogna sempre rimanere attivi e verificare che ognuno rispetti gli accordi presi in precedenza, mai perdere il controllo perchè solo la calma riesce a farti risolvere gli imprevisti ed essere elastici a dover cambiare ciò che avevi pianificato….. perchè anche se nel nostro lavoro è fondamentale organizzare per tempo e prevedere tutto ciò che può succedere, ci sarà sempre qualcosina che cambia o che è giusto modificare per rendere il tutto veramente perfetto!!!

L’armonia c’è stata e l’evento è riuscito perfettamente….una cifra considerevole raccolta per beneficienza….i più importanti operatori e stampa del settore presenti in platea…..degustazione curata da 80 sommelier tra i più bravi d’Italia……cura del palato grazie anche al 3 stelle michelin Da Vittorio….e il COORDINAMENTO e la LOGISTICA generale curata da SCARAMUZZI TEAM!

Hi everybody! Welcome in this new adventure….our new blog signed by Scaramuzzi Team

With this diary you will travel with us through our trips and experience in the magical world of the events!

Each time we will give you suggestions, curiosity, anecdotes, ideas to always be at the top of the organization.

We will discover new locations, suppliers, new trends, the new galateo and all the events’ world!!

It will be a very full journey and we will never be tired to tell you!!!




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